The World Health Organization
(WHO) set 50 as the beginning of old age. The Washington DC based Pew Research Center 
statistics show that 49% of an average local church membership is age fifty and above. One of the greatest needs in the local church of our day is a Spiritual Awakening among the entire membership but especially the group commonly referred to as “Senior Adults.”
PRIMETIME AWAKENING® is a ministry designed to reach, bless, encourage, challenge and mobilize the Senior Adults of our churches and community. Senior Adults are an untapped resource of ministry and witness in the modern church​​​​​​​​​​

These events usually begin on Sunday Morning and extend through midweek. Weekday services are generally held in the mornings followed with a fellowship meal. The events  can be easily adapted to meet the schedule of your church.

Dr. Ron Herrod shares powerful insights with messages from God’s Word that will encourage, challenge and motivate.

Message titles include:

►  Walking in the Old Paths
►  The Best is Yet to Come
►  The Greatest Generation
►  Countdown to Armageddon
►  The Way of the Eagle
►  The Battle of the Lions
►  Entering the Family
►  Some Things Never Change
►  The Land Where You Will Never Grow Old
►  A Time To Live, Love and Laugh
►  Learning from the Darkness
►  Touched by an Angel
►  What on Earth is happening for Heaven’s sake
►  Does God ever lose His Patience

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